Avoid a Costly Mistake with Property Lines: Hire a Team of Melbourne Title Re-Establishment Surveyors to Verify the Boundaries o

Picture this scenario: after years of living in the same home, with no neighbours on either side of you, the lots to the left and right of you have finally filled in. New homeowners have built houses on those lots and moved in, and are now a part of your life. The neighbours are friendly enough, but you miss the privacy that your old situation afforded you. As such, you start to think about what you can do to restore that privacy, from hedges to fences to privacy trees.

With any of those three solutions, you are probably going to be skirting the property line so that you can preserve as much yard space as possible. Fences and hedges effectively cut your yard off from surrounding lots, which means that installing them a metre from your property line results in effectively losing a metre of your yard on all sides. Naturally, you will want to get a lot closer to the line when you build your fence, put in your hedges or plant your row of privacy trees.

Answering the Major Question: Where Is Your Property Line?

If you want to put in a fence or a row of trees just on the inside of your property line, you first need to know precisely where that property line is. At this point in the process is when you should call upon Melbourne re establishment surveyors to help you. A team of experienced and qualified surveyors can determine precisely where your property boundaries are located and mark them clearly so that both you and your neighbours can see them.

At Kennedy Setouts & Surveys, we are title re-establishment surveyors in Melbourne and have been serving the area since 2012. By finding and marking your property line for you, we give you the assurance and peace of mind you need to plan your fence or hedge and make sure that it is entirely on your property.

Surveys like this are essential not only because they keep you from wasting any of your land, but also because they prevent accidental encroaching on the land that belongs to your neighbours. Typically, when you move into a house, the previous resident will have hired a team of Melbourne title re-establishment surveyors to mark the property lines. If your neighbours just built their homes, these lines may already exist. Still, it's a good idea to check the exact location of the boundaries, just to be sure that you are working with up-to-date information when you start erecting your privacy barrier.

How Re Establishment Surveyors in Melbourne Can Help You Dodge a Major Expense

When you put a privacy barrier on your property line—whether by building a fence, putting in hedges, planting trees or any other method—there are multiple different costs involved. In all three cases, you have to pay for materials. You might also have to pay for labour costs, equipment rentals or delivery expenses, depending on how much of the work you intend on doing yourself. For a decent-sized yard, these costs can add up to be thousands of dollars.

Needless to say, you don't want to go through all of that money and effort only to realise that you went over the property line and have to move your fence or trees. Kennedy Setouts & Surveys can help you dodge those expenses. Just call us today on 0431 576 538 and hire our Melbourne title re-establishment surveyors to confirm your property boundary lines.


"Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time."

D. Potter
Owner Builder
  • Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time.
    D. Potter
    Owner Builder
  • All the surveys we have ordered through Kennedy Setouts and Surveys have been completed on time and accurately, as promised.
    M. Curnuck
    Dickson & Curnuck Builders
  • Thanks for setting out our 6 unit site on short notice. Much appreciated. You say it, they survey it.
    S. Young
    Colac Building Group
  • I can highly recommend Michael and the team to setout your next development.
    Steven C.
    BGH Developments

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