Local Councils Crack Down on Inaccurate Title Re-Establishment Surveyors in Melbourne

You recently completed an addition to your home. Perhaps you built a new retaining wall as a border with your neighbour. Maybe you bought a home and needed to know exactly where your property ends and the neighbour's begins. Any required work is all done, and the workers have been paid and gone home.

The process started with your chosen re-establishment surveyor. If they were not precise, the rest of the work was obsolete, but you will not know for sure until completion of that work. Now the Council is coming by to make sure your surveyor did his work accurately, and if it has not been done correctly, you are going to incur major costs and a Melbourne-sized headache. How confident do you feel?

Kennedy Setouts and Surveys on 0431 576 538

You can relax if you used Kennedy Setouts and Surveys. Kennedy has been providing everywhere from Epping and Tarneit to Geelong and Truganina with the most accurate and reliable survey and setout information available. Key to this is our use of the Robotic Total Station (RTS). The RTS is equipped with the most accurate technology and software available today and is far more precise than the tools used by most surveyors. Not only does this cutting-edge technology provide accurate information but also allows for faster service because it is designed to be used by just one person.

Kennedy has been serving the Melbourne area for over thirteen years. That means there is a proven track record of success on which you can rely. You never have to worry if the surveyor of your title re-establishment needs will make the council members happy and satisfied or ready to scream and tell you your project will now cost a lot more money. Not if you used Kennedy. Even rough and uneven terrain filled with objects that are difficult to account for by most of our competitors never affect our ability to provide you completely accurate re-establishment surveys.

Price is also an important factor but cannot come at the expense of precision. If you called Kennedy then you already got the best of both worlds. Our prices are extremely competitive and start by offering free estimates. Costs are also kept low by keeping just one office location in Harpers Crossing.

Call Kennedy for the Most Reliable Title Re-establishment Surveyors in the Melbourne Area

Now go back. It is before you have made any calls or started any work on your property. You are about to make the most important call of the process. You know that if the surveyors who show up are not the best in the business all the work and expense that comes after will be less than useless. If this part of the job is done wrong, your budget is going to explode, and you won't know that until all the other workers have been paid. Three words come to mind: reliability accuracy and cost.

Relax. Call Kennedy Setouts and Surveys on 0431 576 538 and keep your peace of mind intact and your bank account full. Then when the Council shows up, you can share a beer and a smile instead of more of your time and money.


"Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time."

D. Potter
Owner Builder
  • Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time.
    D. Potter
    Owner Builder
  • All the surveys we have ordered through Kennedy Setouts and Surveys have been completed on time and accurately, as promised.
    M. Curnuck
    Dickson & Curnuck Builders
  • Thanks for setting out our 6 unit site on short notice. Much appreciated. You say it, they survey it.
    S. Young
    Colac Building Group
  • I can highly recommend Michael and the team to setout your next development.
    Steven C.
    BGH Developments

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