What Is a Title Re-Establishment Survey and When Do I Need One in Melbourne?

The question posed in the title of this article is one of the ones that we hear most frequently at Kennedy Setouts & Surveys: 'what is a title re-establishment survey, and when do I need one in Melbourne?' Why should a title ever have to be 're-established' at all?

Title Re-Establishment Surveys: The Definition

Luckily, the answer to this question is rather simplistic. A Melbourne re establishment survey, such as those we offer at Kennedy Setouts & Surveys, is a survey designed to determine where exactly the boundary lines of your property are. This type of survey can legally ascertain the location of your property lines.

Needless to say, there are many benefits to knowing for certain that your property lines are where you thought they were. You want to know for sure that you are not leaving any of your land unused or untouched, but you also want to make sure that you aren't building into a neighbour's yard because you thought your property extended a few centimetres farther than it actually does. Such small errors can be costly if you have to tear down a shed or move a fence, and therein lies the value of a Melbourne title re-establishment survey.

When to Schedule a Re Establishment Survey in Melbourne

While there is obvious value to knowing where your property lines are, that doesn't mean that you need to schedule re-establishment surveys on an annual basis. Rather, you will only need to plan this kind of investigation in a limited number of circumstances. Below, we have outlined some of the most common situations where title re-establishment surveys will likely be needed.

You are building or improving a fence or wall that runs along the property line: Fences or stone walls can be an aesthetically pleasing way to mark your property boundaries and give your yard some added privacy from the neighbours. However, before you build or improve your fence or retaining wall, a title re establishment survey is a smart step to make sure you aren't constructing it over the property line.

You are building a structure or house addition that will run closely to the property line: Whether it's a deck, pool, shed, or a lower floor house addition, any structures that you decide to add to your property might trigger a call to a title re establishment survey company in Melbourne. Again, if you build any of these structures across the property line, you could have to spend big to move, remove or rebuild them.

You are buying or selling an older home: If you are buying or selling a home that is relatively old, it might be a good idea to schedule a re-establishment survey just to make sure the property lines are where you think they are. Over time, property line markings can disappear or become harder to spot, so calling a professional to find and mark the lines for you is a smart move.

Are you facing any of these three scenarios? If so, call us at Kennedy Setouts & Surveys and let us schedule a title re-establishment survey at your Melbourne property. You can reach us on 0431 576 538.


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  • Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time.
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