Why Feature Surveys Are Important (And Who to Call in Essendon, Coburg, or Brunswick for a Full Service and Report)

Look out your window and there is a good chance that you will be greeted with the sight of several buildings. Whether you are looking at homes, other offices in a business park, industrial factories, or skyscrapers, you are looking at projects that took considerable planning, resources, design ingenuity, and craftsmanship to complete. From architects and engineers to construction teams and tradesmen, professionals create these buildings through combined achievements within a highly collaborative process.

The first person on the worksite for all of these buildings was not the construction team manager or even the architect or engineer. On the contrary, the first person on just about any worksite is the land surveyor. This person is responsible for detailing the features of the property including the locations of underground utilities and the boundaries of the land parcel as well as more obvious visual factors like trees or existing buildings.

Why Do Feature Surveys Matter?

Sometimes people fail to realise the massive difference that a feature survey can make for a construction project in Essendon, Coburg, or Brunswick. After, why do the land surveyors need to be the first contributors to a highly collaborative building process rather than someone more involved with the final design of the project?

As industry professionals know, feature surveys are a vital part of any building, improvement, or land development project. There are several reasons for this. One of the biggest areas of importance is the identification of underground utilities. Services such as gas, water, and electricity are key to the success of any building project. Architects and engineers need to figure out how to tap into existing utility lines in the most efficient way possible while builders need to know how to navigate around existing utility lines while digging up the ground and preparing the worksite for construction. A feature survey in Brunswick or Coburg identifies the locations of these services so both teams can plan better.

Land surveyors can also help to avoid misunderstandings within building projects. Land is always divided into different parcels and knowing where those property lines are located is paramount to the success of any development project. Imagine adding a shed to your backyard only to realise that your structure crossed the neighbouring property line by a metre. Because you went over your property boundary, there is a chance that you will have to demolish the structure and start again. A feature survey in Coburg or Essendon could have helped identify the lines of your parcel and told you where you could or could not build.

Feature surveys are also important for safety. A land surveyor can identify bad soils or unstable plots of land—spots where it would not be safe to proceed with a building project. Building in an unstable place is dangerous from both a financial standpoint and from a personal safety angle.

Learn More about Feature Surveys in Brunswick, Coburg, or Essendon

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of feature surveys? Call Kennedy Setouts & Surveys today. We conduct surveys like these throughout the Melbourne area and we can help you to understand precisely what are surveyors do and why we are qualified to be the first people on the scene at every important worksite.


"Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time."

D. Potter
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  • Kennedy Setouts and Surveys provided a competitive quote and completed my house setout with a short turnaround time.
    D. Potter
    Owner Builder
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    M. Curnuck
    Dickson & Curnuck Builders
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    S. Young
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  • I can highly recommend Michael and the team to setout your next development.
    Steven C.
    BGH Developments

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